Are you from Hamilton?
I was born in New Plymouth but grew up in Christchurch, Hamilton and Cambridge.

What do you love most about Hamilton?
The slower pace and lifestyle that comes with it. Auckland’s great for a visit.

What do you do in the Lane?
I am one of the operators at Mr. Pickles and the soon to open Bearded Weasel.

What’s your favourite thing about the Lane?
The people and the personalities.

What did you do before getting into this job?
I was a sandwich artist at Subway, but more recently I have been in the industry doing this for the past 10 years.

Favourite food of all time?
Fresh Pasta but I can’t go past a good osso buco or coq au vin. Or bone marrow and garlic toast. Or chicken wings.

What do you snack on when you’re at work?
What don’t I snack on. Expensive ingredients mostly that I should definitely not get caught eating. Chef would kill me.

Fave spot for your time off?
Wonderhorse without a doubt. Real people with great banter.

Your idea of fun?
Time with my wife, friends or family.

Summer or winter?

If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?
I’m too young to think about retiring. I would like to stay within the hospitality industry, particularly front of house / service. Maybe a small place near the beach.

Any hidden talents?
I can whistle. The team love it.

Favourite store in the Hamilton CBD?
Hamilton Beer & Wine, Chris and his team really know what they are talking about.

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